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HSCJ-1100B/1400B/1700B/1900B Servo-driven High Speed Sheet Cutter
HSCJ-1100B/1400B/1700B/1900B Servo-driven High Speed Sheet Cutter

Structure Characteristic
HSCJ series Servo-driven Computer Paper Cutter is an economy paper cutter which is developed by our company integrating the advanced technology at home and abroad, hence an innovation and perfection product.
    This machine is driven by AC servo motor Motion
    controller made in UK is equipped and of quick and
    stable paper cutting.
    It is equipped with German precision bearing and  
    cutter, hence a high cutting precision and long service
    The gentle-touch PLC interface is fine and convenient.
    The rational designed  recurvate frame canguarantee
    flatness to paper. 
It keeps ahead in other similar processing machines of paper article and printing industries, so it will improve your  production efficiency in duplication and raise your productivity and benefit.

The content of standard configuration
On the knife: the British cutter method to effectively reduce the load and noise when cutting, extension Long cutter life. Made after the precision machining on the knife roller body by a steel welding, and the dynamic balance adjustment, Efficiency to reduce vibration and noise at high speed.
Under the knife: knife block, cast iron one-piece casting, precision, stability, good.
Take the initiative to roll: roll surface expansion groove design, and airbags to control the pressure of the roller body jam.
Back to the cutter: made from special alloy steel precision knife, long life, easy to adjust blade.
Safety cover: safety cover is opened automatically power-off, safe and secure.
Transmission: key bearing the German FAG, other bearings, Japan NSK belt, high precision, stable transmission.


Automatically adjust the angle
The precision of the stepper motor is controlled by the length of the
cut sheet precision screw adjustment the inclination of the knife
group, to effectively ensure the straight angle of the edge of the cut
sheet, reducing waste time manually adjust the angle of error rate
and adjustment.

The delivery section using automatic set paper equipment
Lift stacked set paper sets, the paper stack to a considerable height,
that is automatically dropped. The stacker table has three sides
shake finishing function ,the side of the motor to drive the paper, the
paper, on both sides by high-quality pneumatic by hand wheel to
adjust the amplitude of the paper to improve the simplicity and safety of the operation.

Electronic control system
The repair man-machine interface and Siemens S7-200 processor
communication, mainly used for the input of production data,
monitoring of equipment operating status and system fault alarm
indication.. The rotation Hengdao Japan Yaskawa Sigma-II SGDM
drive fast operation and accurate positioning, based on the
production of man-machine interface input parameters and the
actual speed from the traction roller encoder feedback.

New leveling effectively
Effectively remove the curl of the roll to make the paper more flat, more conducive to the paper roll tension stability



Reference weight of cutting-paper


Model of cutting paper

The up knife cut reciprocally and the down knife is fixed

Max.Diameter of paper


Total Power


Max.Pieces of paper


Cutting length

430-1450 mm/430-1650mm

Cutting accuracy


Maximum cutting speed


Maximum cutting meter speed


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