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HQ 1100BS/ 1300BS/ 1450BS/ 1600BS Servo drive-computer Control High Precision Horizontal
HQ 1100BS/ 1300BS/ 1450BS/ 1600BS Servo drive-computer Control High Precision Horizontal

Structure Characteristic
This machine is suitable for material in roll to lengthwise and transverse cutting. For example: golden and silver paper-board,plain rainbow paper, place able laser bogus-prevented paper, white cardboard paper and plastic slicematerial etc. Its electrical part is composed  of
industrial control computer that comes up to international advanced level,5.5”olor digital display, im-ported frequency converter, photo-electric sensor, Japanese Yaskawa Brand A.C. Servomotor and driver, etc. With advanced control mode, this machine centrally controls the speeds of the main motor, servo-motor and feeding motor through computer so as to achieve the purpose of synchronous operation. It has such characteristics as high-precision cutting, highspeed, convenient for taking material up, etc.

The content of standard configuration
The machine characterized by photo-electric counting, lower noise, less noiseless land coverage, lower energy consumption and lower gule consumption is  applied  to combining, paticularly all kinds of paper, all alcoh-olboxes and various packs, featuring in strong and firm compounding, flatness, erectness, mould free, and shrinkage-proof.As to the exchanging parts, it can be equipped with full automation device.

Cutting unit
The inflection device is before paper roll enter slitting device to eliminate the curl of the paper roll or fold the device, and is conducive to the stability of the paper roll tension.




Max. Diameter of paper Roll


Width scope of Paper Roll


Length scope of Horizontal cutting


Speed of Machine


Horizontal cutting Precision


Memory Paper altitude


Weight of Machine


Total Power




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