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RFJX1000B Type Semi-auto Card-pasting Machine
RFJX1000B Type Semi-auto Card-pasting Machine
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Structure Characteristic:
The machine characterized by photoelectric counting, lower noise, less noiseless land coverage, lower energy consumption and lower gule consumption is applied to combining, paticularly all kinds of paper, all alcohol boxes and various packs, featuring in strong and firm compounding, flatness, erectness, mould free, and shrinkage-proof. As to the exchanging parts, it can be equipped with full automation device.

Performance and Usage:
1. It is of beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, small in size and durable in service life.
2. It is easy in adjustment, simple in operation and easy in maintenance.
3. It is uniformaly in glue distribution, quick in bonding and strong in bonding force.
4. It is of clean surface without distains and bonded sides.
5. It is of automatic alignment, stable in quality, no shrinkage and easy obtaining correctness.
6. It is flat, beautiful, of lower moisture content and without moldy effect.
7. It is of lower consumption gule (0.01Yuan per square meter), lower power consumption, lower cost, higher efficiency, 4-60PCS/min(adjustable).
8. It is applicable for various types of non-standard paper and irregular paper.
9. It is applied to combining the paper of special requirements with high precison, and lower error in 0.1-0.5.
10. It won’t influence the paper surface(frosted, ice-flower, membrane, etc).
11. Equipped with hydraulic pressure device, it is easy to operate.
12. It can stop automatically if it lacks paper in processing.

Main Technical Parameter:



Max Dimensions 670×930mm 720×1100mm
Recombination Velocity 4-60张/min可以调 4-60张/min可以调
Power 380V 2.2Kw 变频电机 380V 2.2Kw 变频电机
Weight 1800kg 1800kg
PapertureThickness 150g-500g 150g-500g
Min Dimensions 360×360mm 360×360mm
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