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HSB-A4 High Speed Photocopy Packaging Machine
HSB-A4 High Speed Photocopy Packaging Machine

The machine used high-speed cam, speed stable transmission and high accuracy. Feeding, outsourcing of paper cutting, packaging, etc. Angular movements synchronized to ensure a smooth completion of the high-speed packaging machine action.
Tissues from the servo to the standard fixed-length or cut tissue paper transported by the servo to the packaging location. Machine by the servo drive. Set of mechanical, electrical, light, gas, computer-controlled, reasonable structure, high automation, easy operation simple..

Performance and structural characteristics:
1, servo motor drives, motion control by the motion controller. PLC programming,
Touch-screen parameter input, display. Simple, fast and stable.
2, reel-type outsourcing paper, color electric eye length or fixed-length cut. Servo motor control.
3, the servo motor transportation outsourcing paper, positioning accuracy, high speed.
4, the configuration is the most advanced spraying machine, with automatic temperature control, controlled by the motion controller. Automatic control of spray movement in length.
5, a single specification can be adjusted independently, different thicknesses of packaging, the packaging can be achieved when the packaging is accurate,
Packing angle Quartet, packaging sealed tight, not loose, the effect beautiful packaging.

Machine specifications:

Packing A3,(420mmX297mm)
Packing sheets 80g, 500 sheets (thickness ≤ 55mm)
70g, 500 sheets (thickness ≤ 46mm)
The design speed 60 packs / min
Packaging tissues Φ800mm (Max), roll-type
Wrapping paper size A4 paper, 548mmx385mm
A3 paper, 548mmx595mm
Pressure source requirements 0.8Mpa
Design Power AC380V/220Vx50Hz
The machine power 22KW
The use of plastic materials Plastic heat capacity

Main technical parameters:

Model HSB-A4
Productive capacity 5-60 Packs/Min
Specification of packed object 210×297×50mm 420*297*50 MM
Power supply 380V/3Phase/4Wire
Motor power 22kw
Gluing power 3.7kw
Compressed air 0.8mpa
Overall dimension 6300*400*2050mm
Weight 6.5T
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