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HSD-A4 packaging machine
HSD-A4 packaging machine
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High presicion double scroll A4 paper sheeting and packaging machine with the model of HSD-A4.As a fully automatic machine controled by PLC system, it functions in the sequences as follows: unfold and sheet papers while counting them, deliver and stack paper sheets and finally pack them with paper covers sheeted by the same machine…

The content of standard configuration:

  1. 4 set of shaftless unwind stand. Maximum diameter of paper roll: 1200
  2. 4 sets automatic tension control system.
  3. 4 sets automatic deflection rectify equipment
  4. 4 sets of retroflexion unit
  5. 5 sets slitting knives,upper slitting knife taken by air pressure and spring.
  6. 1 set of synchronous horizontal cutter consists of up and down knife
  7. 3 sets of high speed paper delivery system
  8. 2 sets of low speed paper delivery system
  9. waster paper suction pump
  10. 2D automatic paper trimming and collecting system
  11. PLC control automatic counting system
  12. 1 set PLC control trouble annunciator system
  13. 1 set PLC control system
  14. 1 set high speed A4 automatic packaging machine

Mail inscape of the equipment:

Working width :

gross width:900mm ; net width:840mm

Diameter of paper roll:

minΦ1200mm; minΦ600mm
Grade of paper: high grade photocopy paper,high grade writing paper and high grade duplex paper
Cutting length: this cutting machine is designed for A4 paper ,so the cutting lengh is 297mm
Speed of production: max 120m/min(depend on different paper)
Output of the ream: 12 ream/min
Cutting accuracy: about 0.2mm
Drive: AC frequency conversion and step-less
Voltage: 220V AC/24V DC
Compressing air consumption: 300NL/min
Edge cutting : 10mm*2
Cutting numbers: 4 cutting –A4210mm(width)
Diameter of paper core: 3(76.2mm) or 6(152.4mm) inchs or depend on the demand of clients
Paper weight: 60-100g/m2
Ream amount: 500 sheets, height: max 65 mm
Max number of cutting: 404 cutting /min
Load of cutting 400g/m2
Cutting requirement: 1.constant speed 2. no break in reel 3.cutting all paper on one time 4.eligible paper
Mail power supply: 3*380V50HZ
Power: 32KW
Air pressure: 6 bar
Productive capacity 8-30 pack/min
Specification of packaging: 210*297*50mm(based on 500 piece of photocopy paper)
Compressing air: 0.6 mpa
Motor power of packaging machine: 5.1KW
Functions whereby roll overwrap paper can be automatically cross cut and feed 3-80 piece/min
Power of glue spurting: 3.7 KW
Paper size(length*width) 550-560*386mm
Suitable range: Package material for gluing paper of color printing or hexahedral wrapping

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